Second Grade



Math: Workbook Page 122

Reading: Backpack #43


Math: Write your own addition AND subtraction word problem, using money

Reading: Backpack #45


Math: Workbook page 115

Reading: Backpack #46


Math: Workbook page 123

Reading: Write memory words 3 times each


Spelling Test on Friday 12/4

Math Test on Friday 12/4

Science Projects due Monday 12/14

Scholastic due Tuesday 12/8

My name is Caitlin Omilak and I am the second grade teacher here at Divine Redeemer. This will be my first year teaching at Divine Redeemer and I am extremely excited to be working with the second grade class! Prior to working here I taught early childhood for three years in Pennsylvania and completed internships in second, third and fourth grade. As well as that, I taught first, fourth and seventh grade at my local churches CCD program. I was born and raised in the small town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania where I lived with my family up until college. At that time I decided it was time to gain some independence and enrolled at The University of South Carolina and fell in love with the state. Upon graduation I returned home but only for a few short years. This past spring I got married and my husband and I decided to start our lives in South Carolina. I now reside with my husband and our puppy Zoey in Hanahan and absolutely love it! Between the Christmas play and First Holy Communion and everything in-between we have so much to look forward to in second grade here at Divine Redeemer!