Second Grade



Reading: Backpack page 35

Math: Test Tomorrow, Subtraction with borrowing


Reading: Backpack page 36


Reading: Backpack page 38


Reading: Write memory words 3x each


Spelling test will be on Friday

Math test will be on Tuesday

Practice for first penance

First penance is November 21st at 10AM

Veterans day lunch is on Wednesday

Scholastic is due Wednesday

Class spelling bee is Friday

My name is Caitlin Omilak and I am the second grade teacher here at Divine Redeemer. This will be my first year teaching at Divine Redeemer and I am extremely excited to be working with the second grade class! Prior to working here I taught early childhood for three years in Pennsylvania and completed internships in second, third and fourth grade. As well as that, I taught first, fourth and seventh grade at my local churches CCD program. I was born and raised in the small town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania where I lived with my family up until college. At that time I decided it was time to gain some independence and enrolled at The University of South Carolina and fell in love with the state. Upon graduation I returned home but only for a few short years. This past spring I got married and my husband and I decided to start our lives in South Carolina. I now reside with my husband and our puppy Zoey in Hanahan and absolutely love it! Between the Christmas play and First Holy Communion and everything in-between we have so much to look forward to in second grade here at Divine Redeemer!