Welcome to Divine Redeemer Catholic School

Divine Redeemer Catholic School is a parish school located in Hanahan, SC, and serving the greater Charleston area. We teach grades K-3 through 8 and are affiliated with the Divine Redeemer Catholic Church under the guidance of Rev. Monsignor Thomas X. Hofmann, JCL.

Academic Excellence in a Traditional Catholic School Setting

Divine Redeemer Catholic School was founded in 1960 and has provided a loving Christian environment for students to achieve academic excellence ever since. While teaching the Catholic Faith is of utmost importance, at Divine Redeemer Catholic School, our academic program includes a comprehensive foreign language program as well as 8th grade-level algebra and Spanish courses for high school credit.

While Divine Redeemer is a Catholic school that celebrates the message and teachings of Christ, we embrace students who don’t come from a Catholic background. The virtues that we strive to instill – including respect, courtesy, Christian charity, and patriotism – benefit all children, Catholic or not. They form the foundation of good citizenship and prepare students to excel in the world beyond the classroom.

Here are our core beliefs:

  • Living Our Faith
  • Embracing Traditions
  • Exemplifying Scholarship
  • Celebrating Family
  • Creating Leadership

Parents of prospective students are encouraged to read the page for Parents and to visit the school. Call the office at 843-553-1521 to schedule an appointment for a tour.