Why choose Divine Redeemer? Here are some of the examples of how we have served our students and families over the years…

Comments/Testimonials by our grads – Class of 2016

My experience at Divine Redeemer has been very important in the building of the character that I am today.  Here I have learned the academics necessary for my future, and the person I need to be outside of school.Jullie-Allisan, class of 2016
This school isn’t like other schools.  In this school we are a family that supports and loves each other, just like a family. ..I arrived at this school in fifth grade.  It was a small class of seven students.  This was all new to me.  I had no friends or family.  I was also very shy.  This school opened up to me and let me become a part of the school family.  After a while I was still behind the rest of the kids in some classes, and the teachers helped me to achieve.  I am thankful to have had teachers like that.  I believe this school has achieved with every student they have had.  This school has helped me tremendously with my schooling, and I would just like to say thank you so much for everything.  This is going to be so sad to leave, knowing that they made me into the person I am today.Kaitlyn, class of 2016
My experience here at Divine Redeemer Catholic School has been good.  It’s like my other family.  All of my friends are very caring, funny, and helpful.  The teachers are great storytellers, and very smart.  I’ve made so many memories at DRS it’s going to be sad to leave.Diana, class of 2016
I started attending Divine Redeemer in seventh grade.  It was different from public school.  My teachers are great and have taught me a lot of things.  They are all close friends and work as one to help influence their students.  They have shown me the potential that I have, and taught me that I can be the best if I work hard.  They have challenged me academically, and influenced me and educated me spiritually.  They are the best teachers I have had in my academic career.Brittany – class of 2016
DRS has done so much for me, and that’s why I love it so much.  I can’t believe this is my last year at Divine Redeemer.  Over the years I have encountered all the points in “Our Core Values.”  I’ve also seen the other points in “Our Mission” and “Our Vision” throughout the school.  Our tagline is, ‘Academic Excellence in a Traditional Catholic School Setting.’  I think this basically sums up Divine Redeemer.Dalton – class of 2016
My favorite thing about Divine Redeemer is the friendships I’ve established here.  My friends here are like a small family to me.  They don’t judge, and they are always understanding.  They are not afraid to put you in check.  They are all extremely funny and caring.  They are easy to talk to.  My friends here are ones I wouldn’t want to lose.  I’ve had a great experience at Divine Redeemer.  This school has focused my learning more on God than anything else.  Divine Redeemer led me to a more holy lifestyle.Monserrat – class of 2016
My opinion is Divine Redeemer Catholic School is a wonderful school.  My experience here has been tough at first, but they have great teachers here who didn’t give up on me.  They will always push you to do your best and encourage you that you can do it.  If you ever need help they always tell you to come ask them, even if it’s during their lunch break.Vanesha – class of 2016
The most important thing I’ve learned about getting along with friends is that you’re lucky to have people who are around you all the time.  I think I would send my child to Divine Redeemer School because I want him or her to have a good education.Michelle – class of 2016

Comments/Testimonials by Other Parents and Students

I just had to comment about this morning’s Mass [Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Dec 8, 2014]. I have been to the student Mass once or twice before, but today it struck me what an amazing job the DRS staff does in making Mass a special and sacred time to celebrate Christ in our midst. The order and quiet respect that you and the DRS staff have taught our children is beautiful to witness. Thank you, as always, for being amazing representatives of Christ to our children when we cannot be with them.Parent - Class of '22
We have confidence in your commitment to providing our children with good quality education. Our children have changed and are happy and are becoming more patient in reading, doing homework and writing cursive since they started attending your school. Thank you very much for all the teachers support and most especially your hard work.Parent - Class of '21
It’s no accident that former DRS students are among the top performers at Bishop England High School. Our Children are being well served.Parent - Class of '17
This school has been a gift to our child and our family. When my daughter started K4 I worried about how she would do. I am now confident that each day she is safe. Thank you to the caring teachers and staff and Divine Redeemer for this peace of mind.Parent - Class of '15
We changed schools again – to Divine Redeemer Catholic School – a small, old-fashioned parish school that feels like an extension of home. It is lovely to have our children in a school where the priorities are in order – faith, family, academic excellence, and community service.Bodach Family - Class of '13, Class of '15
To all the teachers and staff: Thank you for making DRS such a good school and a happy, secure place to send my children.Parent - Class of '04, Class of '08
For All the Teachers and Staff at Divine Redeemer School: Thank you for a job well done.Parent - Class of '06
As a parent of 3 DRS alumni, I am forever indebted to you. I feel DRS helped mold my children into responsible adults.Parent - Class of '95, Class of '99, Class of '04
Thanks to the education and nurturing my children received at Divine Redeemer School, they have become wonderfully caring and loving adults.Parent - Class of ’97, Class of ’99
…although we are non-Catholic, our children have never felt left out. Divine Redeemer School teaches our children to be respectful and disciplined which has created a sense of camaraderie that one instantly feels upon visiting the school.Parent - Class of ’97, Class of ’99