Extended School Program

Mission Statement

The mission Of the Extended School Program is to provide a Christian setting for the well-being and safety of the students.


The Divine Redeemer School Extended School program (ESP) is a service given to the working parents and their children. The program is guided by the philosophy and policies Of the school administration. Employees are responsible for the implementation Of the goals and objectives Of the program, subject to the supervision of the
Principal and Diocesan regulations.

Program Criteria

One of the objectives of the Extended School program is to provide a supervised place and time for students to complete homework. For grades S through g, homework Will not be checked for correctness, just that it is completed. The goal is to provide a time and place. The students are responsible, as they would be at home, for actually doing the assigned work. ESP workers can guide, but are not actually there to provide tutoring. In the lower grades, more help is given to the students to complete the homework tasks.

Check your child’s homework pad each night and review the homework, even it if has been completed in ESP. It is not the purpose of the Extended School program to replace the parent in this responsibility as this is a basic parental duty. Any educational concerns must be addressed by the student’s teacher. The ESP workers are only
permitted to discuss matters regarding ESP and not grades, school performance, or class issues.


Students attending ESP will remain in the hall after dismissal. (K-3 and K-4 students will be taken to the hall from their dismissal location.) Students who have meetings or activities after school must report to an ESP staff member before going to these commitments.

If a student is to be picked up by someone other than the custodial parents or guardians, a letter must be on file, and an ID check will take place. A confirmation phone call may be made by the staff member. We cannot release a child without the required documentation.

School safety policy: No student will be left alone outside after dismissal. The student will be sent to ESP. This is enforced, as the safety of each student is our prime concern.

Pick Up

Please use the lunchroom entrance of Caddell Hall after 3:00 p.m.

Please do not park and block the cafeteria entrance when picking up your child from ESP. This is not only for the safety Of the children, but also so that the garbage truck can reach the dumpster.

DO not block the entrance to any offices in the Parish Office. All doors to the school into Caddell Hall are locked at 3:00 p.m. This is the school safety policy and necessary to secure the building and to keep our students safe.

ESP Closings

Check the school monthly calendar for ESP closings during Teacher In-service, Workdays, and holidays.


Payments Will be made to Ms. Lucas, the program director, bi-monthly, on Or about the and the of each month. Families who fall in arrears by a period of two weeks Will be unable to utilize the ESP program until their balance is current.


Medication will only be given in ESP following school policy and Diocesan guidelines. For more information, please call the School Office for clarification.


Each student is expected to abide by the rules of the program which follow the rules of the school. Students are expected to respect the staff members, other students, and all property. All students attending ESP are also expected to follow the Program’s rules. Repeated Or severe violations will be discussed with the parent.

In extreme cases, if after repeated conferencing with the parent, and trying to work with the student, if these interventions are not successful, then for the good of the Program, the availability of Divine Redeemer School’s Extended Program may be removed, and the parents will have to find another place for their child before and after school. The final decision will rest with the ESP Director and the Principal.

Restrictions at Home

If your child is on restriction at home, please do not ask ESP employees to continue your restriction at school. This is not school policy.

Final Notes

Please read the entire ESP Handbook carefully. If there are any questions concerning your child(ren) and the Program, please contact Ms. Tracy Lucas, the Director.

Please sign the agreement form and return it by the first day of school, or during Back to School Night at the beginning of school.