School Hours, Tardiness and Absences

Students arriving before 7:30 am will be billed for the Extended School Program (read more below). Students not picked up by 3:00 pm will be placed in the Extended School Program and parents will be billed accordingly.

Students in grades K-5 through 8 must be in line for morning prayers by first bell at 7:50 am. Students in K-3 and K-4 must be in the classroom by 7:50 am. Students arriving after 7:50 are considered tardy and must come by the school office with a parent or adult driver for a tardy slip.

Mass starts at 8:00 am. Students late for Mass go directly to church, and a parent or adult driver goes to the school office to sign in the student.

Call the school office at 843-553-1521 to report your child’s absence from school. Please notify the office by 9:00 am and provide a written note upon the child’s return to school.