Divine Redeemer Catholic School is proud to be a part of the SCRIP Program to raise funds year-round for the school. Through this program you can purchase cards to use for your everyday expenses or as a gift for someone special.

For example, let’s say you regularly shop at Walmart or Target. Call Tracy Roberts at 843-553-1521 ext. 219 and purchase a $100.00 card for either store at the price of $100.00. You spend the money you would have spent anyway, and the school benefits. These cards were purchased at a 5% discount, meaning that every $100.00 card you buy gives the school $5.00. (the percentage varies based on the SCRIP vendor) This small amount adds up quickly. It’s an easy way for you to help out Divine Redeemer and its students.

Peruse our list of participating retailers. Additional retailers include Wal-Mart, Los Arcos, and Pick a Scrip (which allows a recipient to choose the card they would like). You can purchase through the school finance office with this DRS SCRIP order Form.